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Authorized independent agent and licensed in GA 595707 and 153782, AL A221211, AR 394983, AZ 1028006, CA 0104295, FL P009487, IA 7081467, MO 8055643, MS 405036, NC 7081467, NJ 15260 12, NY LB-1177472, SC 380702, TN 930031, TX 1569264 and VA 614046.


Disclosure:  Coverages and availability vary by state.  Not all businesses and individuals qualify.  This does not constitute legal, tax or accounting advice or opinion.  Consult with an experienced and properly licensed professional regarding the specific suitability of any planning technique or benefit plan design.   


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Who We Are

ABA is an Atlanta based independent insurance broker and benefits consulting firm serving employers and individuals, offering health, life, disability, long term care, retirement, dental and other benefits.  


Our Mission

Our mission is to seek out and provide the best values in Benefits and HR support for employers, to meet their organization’s goals and enhance their bottom line. Our individual solutions are geared to offer consumers quality health, life, disability, dental insurance products that fits their budget and provides the protection needed.  


ABA’s professionals have over 40 years of business experience, serving large and small employers, as well as individuals. We are licensed as insurance counselors, independent agents or brokers in 16 states, and we help our clients keep up to date with current regulatory changes, market trends, and advancements in technology through continuing education programs and training.  


Our Commitment

We are committed to putting the best interest of our clients first, providing independent professional advice, and promoting innovative solutions as the industry and regulations change.  


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