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Disclosure:  Coverages and availability vary by state.  Not all businesses and individuals qualify.  This does not constitute legal, tax or accounting advice or opinion.  Consult with an experienced and properly licensed professional regarding the specific suitability of any planning technique or benefit plan design.   


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Insurance for Special Risks & High Income Needs

*ABA's Specialty Products are underwritten by Lloyd's of London.

In addition to solving  typical HR and employee benefit problems, ABA solves more difficult issues with our access to  Lloyd's of London.  Because typical group long-term disability insurance and supplement life insurance benefit packages only cover a fraction of an executive’s high income, providing customized supplemental life insurance and/or carve out disability to key employees is an important part of the Executive Benefit Package.  Through individual, group and multi-life policies, ABA can select niche products that cover risks that most carriers decline.  Following is a sampling of our niche specialty risk products.

Personal High Limit Disability - $100,000+/month limits

Medical Coverage - up to $5 Million

Life Insurance - up to $100 Million

Other Special Risks - Protect Your Equity

-Top Hat - Automatic Issue $10,000 Additional Disability

-Guaranteed Issue - up to 75% & $50,000/month

-Buy In Disability Insurance

-Buy-Sell Disability Insurance

-Key Person Disability Insurance

-Pension Funding Completion

-Contract Completion Guarantee

-Loan Indemnification

-Salary Continuation Disability Insurance

-Severance Agreement Disability Insurance

-USA Residents Major Medical Plan

-Foreign Nationals in USA

-Group International Major Medical

-Medicare Bridge Insurance

-High Limit Accident Insurance

-International Term Life Insurance

-Short Term Contingent Life / Disability

-Confidential Life

-Key Person Contingent Life Insurance

-Business Bank Loan Life Insurance

-Buy Sell Life Insurance

-Extortion, Kidnap & Ransom - up to personal or corporate net worth, with Unlimited Expense for an experienced Crisis Response Team

-Event Cancellation, Postponement or Non-Appearance - for concerts, conventions, shows, performers, promoters, agents, speakers, venues, etc.

-Litigation Buyout or Claim Cost Cap - Financial risk of existing litigation or liability is removed from your balance sheet with this policy

-Tax Position Guarantee - Insurance guarantees a particular tax position taken by an organization

-Credit / Accounts Receivable - Insures against risk of non-payment on a  domestic only, export only, or worldwide cover basis

-M&A Representations & Warranties - Insurance to reduce or replace the escrow, or provide additional protection above the amount escrowed

Features:   Own Occupation Definition

Residual Benefits at 15% Loss

100% Benefit for 80% Loss

Optional COLA Adjustments

Monthly & Lump Sum Benefits

Features:   Issues in 24 - 48 Hours

No Medical Exam, Tests or Records

Simple One Page Application

30 day to 10 year Terms

War Zone, DUI, Drug Abuse - ALL OK

For Divorced Spouse, Surrogates, etc.