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Employee Benefits

Customized plan design based on a variety of factors, such as client's unique culture, location, budget and more.

Cost Saving Strategies

Proven to increase productivity and morale, while lowering overall costs for both employer and employee.

Client Services

From concept to rollout, to renewals, our client services are designed to keep your programs efficient and compliant.

Simplify and automate your HR

Define your employer brand and facilitate the smooth flow of personnel documents. LEARN MORE

Benefits for church organizations

We specialize in tailoring benefits to fit the unique needs and budget of church groups. LEARN MORE

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Are the Owners & Executives of the organization realizing the maximum in tax advantaged benefits?


Great! You’re a savvy employer who knows how to utilize tax free benefits to enhance the benefit offering and attract top talent without breaking the bank. Are you aware that the guidelines and regulations that govern the benefit industry are always changing? As trained and certified benefit consultants, American Benefit Advisors helps employers like you STAY abreast of all new trends and regulations as they emerge, ensuring you are always compliant and are saving the most on your benefits. We’ll also help you with all the red tape and tedious paperwork that comes with sponsoring a benefit program! To take your tax advantaged benefits to the next level, click here.


You’re not alone.  The laws that govern the industry are confusing and most employers need help to stay aware and interpret them correctly.  American Benefit Advisors has helped many employers save thousands, if not tens of thousands, by taking advantage of tax-advantaged benefits that are available for their owners and executives, some of which requires no employee matching and can even add “asset protection” for the owners.  Click here for a FREE consultation.

Do your employees really understand the benefits that you offer?


Great! You’re a smart employer who knows the advantages of an effective employee communications program, such as higher employee satisfaction and a healthier, more productive workforce. American Benefit Advisors helps employers promote their benefits with communications that encourages healthcare consumerism, resulting in lower premiums. We also encourage a healthy lifestyle, which results in higher morale and increased productivity. Our communications approach also ensures employees select the benefts that best fits their needs, leading to higher employee satisfaction.  To take your benefit education to the next level, click here.


If your employees don’t understand their benefits, they don’t appreciate their value.  The risk is that the substantial investment you’ve made in them may not produce full value for the organization. American Benefit Advisors can help you effectively communicate your benefits with a multifaceted approach that helps employees navigate a rather complex healthcare system, promoting engagement and ensuring success of your benefit programs. And, we handle everything, leaving you more time to focus on running your business. Click here for a FREE consultation.

Does your benefit communication process help in retaining employees?


That’s impressive. As experienced benefit consultants, we know that designing a benefit program that encourages workers to stay on the job is difficult in today’s benefit landscape where premiums and healthcare costs continue to rise. With employee loyalty at its lowest in decades, American Benefit Advisors helps employers meet these and other challenges with creative, outside-the-box thinking and intelligent benefit design customized for each client’s unique needs and budget. Take employee loyalty to the next level and click here.


Turnover and added employee training has a high cost for most organizations. And competition for hiring and retaining qualified employees has never been more fierce, making employees’ understanding of your benefits more important than ever.  When it comes to employee retention, we feel it’s our job to help employers keep their eye on the ball! That’s because, according to most surveys, the most loyal employees, across all generations, are those that are satisfied with their benefits.  American Benefit Advisors can help you boost employee retention with an attractive benefit package that promotes employee engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty, customized to your unique needs and budget.  Click here for a FREE consultation.

Is your benefit communications cost exceeding the desired results?


Managing a comprehensive benefits program can be tedious, time-consuming and costly for your organization. Shrinking HR staffs and budgets may limit your resources to effectively administer, communicate and enroll an employee benefits program. And even worse, surveys show inadequate or miscommunication can end up costing you more in the long run than hiring an HR professional. American Benefit Advisors can help. We act as your HR partner, playing a strategic role in effectively communicating your benefits at little or no cost. For a FREE consultation, click here.


That’s awesome. You have struck a balance between benefits and costs without expending too much time and resources, which can ultimately have a negative impact on organization. At little or no cost to clients, American Benefit Advisors offers a robust approach to employee communications to reach your entire workforce. This may include providing your employees with benefit information online or by email, as well as onsite enrollment events or one-on-one meetings. We’ll even train your existing HR staff, helping them to increase the effectiveness of your benefit program and ultimately, your bottom line. Do away with the cookie-cutter approach to benefits and contact us today.


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Additional Insurance Coverage We Offer

While the vast majority of our services are dedicated to employers and small businesses, we’d be happy to connect you with one of our world-class business partners whom we trust, and can provide you with the best value in individual insurance.

Health Insurance

Traditional individual health policies offered by top carriers, both on/off the Marketplace.

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Short-Term Health

Affordable health plans for times of transition. Most often there are no networks/copays.

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Dental & Vision

Plans that cover a variety of exams, diagnostic, preventative care and corrective services.

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Medicare Eligible

Fill in the gaps of your original Medicare or roll Medicare Parts A, B & D into one plan.

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