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About us

Who We Are

Founded in 2002, American Benefit Advisors, Inc. (ABA) is an Atlanta based independent employee benefits & HR firm serving small to medium sized employers in several states across the US.  We offer employer paid and voluntary benefits, consisting of health, dental, life, vision, disability and more.  As benefit experts, we also provide timely, accurate compliance and administrative services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually provide personalized service and the best value in benefits and HR support for employers.  We strive to partner with our clients, seeking out solutions that help them meet their unique organizational needs, budget and overall long-term goals.

Our Commitment

As independent consultants, we are committed to putting our clients’ best interest first, helping them to tackle the tough challenges they face in today’s constantly changing benefit landscape.  We strive to stay ahead of industry trends to help clients proactively manage costs, reduce HR time and ultimately enhance their bottom line.

States We Work In


Our Principals

ABA’s professionals have over 40 years of business experience, serving large and small employers, as well as individuals. We are licensed as insurance counselors, independent agents or brokers in 14 states, and we help our clients keep up to date with current regulatory changes, market trends, and advancements in technology through continuing education programs and training.

Lamar Blount, President and Founder


Lamar Blount founded American Benefit Advisors in 2002 to offer business owners and managers innovative employee benefit solutions, and to provide communications, enrollment and administration support for Human Resources.  Lamar is a CPA with over 30 years of consulting experience, ranging from a Big 4 CPA firm, serving as an expert witness in numerous federal and state healthcare cases nationwide, and advising private and public employers with 5 to 1,000+ employees on their employee benefits.  He is the co-author of the American Medical Association’s book, Mastering the Reimbursement Process, and has provided strategic financial advice to over 500 organizations nationwide since 1974.

Brian Hake, Vice President


Brian Hake joined American Benefit Advisors in 2012 and is its Vice President and a shareholder.  Brian is responsible for client relationships and directs employee benefit consulting and insurance brokerage services for most of ABA’s clients. Brian is experienced in designing employee benefit plans to attract and retain employees, and creating tax-advantaged plans to reward senior executives. He coordinates with client owners and managers to develop comprehensive employee benefits to meet the employees’ needs while providing quality benefits at a competitive cost. Brian has an MBA from Mercer University – Stetson School of Business and Economics and was previously with Prudential Financial in 2007 – 2012.