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Voluntary Benefits

Beyond Traditional Health Benefits

Employee Voluntary Benefits (sometimes referred to as ancillary or secondary benefits) help employers offset rising benefit costs, while simultaneously enhancing the benefit offering.  Often referred to as worksite benefits, voluntary benefits are insurance policies that add additional coverage to the employer sponsored benefits, but are paid for by the employee.  Even though these benefits are paid for by the employee, our clients are often surprised by how much employees still appreciate them.  That’s because when designed and communicated properly, employees realize a sense of financial security and overall well-being with access to additional individual coverages they can obtain at low group rates, and through convenient pre-taxed payroll deductions.

We’ll help your business implement all of some of the following voluntary benefits at little or no cost.


ABA has partnered with freshbenies, a discount program for employers that offers the following programs to help employees control costs and have more access to health care.

  • Telehealth

    On demand healthcare via phone to treat common medical issues.

  • Doctors Online

    Medical advice from 24 different types of medical doctors.

  • Employee Advocacy

    Professional assistance with medical bills and claims.

  • Medical Discounts

    Discounts on various medical services, supplies, and procedures.

  • Legal Savings

    Available as an Add On. Discounted legal services and advice from top legal profesional network.

  • Caregiver Support

    Available as an Add On.Access to support and healthcare coaching through secure portal.

  • Pet Care Savings

    Available as an Add On.Save on vet costs, and other supplies/services for your pets.

  • LifeLock

    Available as an Add On.Access to identity theft professionals to help prevent indentity fraud or restore your reputation.

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    Disclaimer:  Some voluntary benefits and programs, including the freshbenies discount card program is NOT insurance, is not intended to replace insurance, and does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act.